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"You Cross, We Knot."

Let us connect YOU to THE WORLD.

Our Mission

A Knots Inc. provides a versatile trading service that acts as a bridge between Japan and the global market. We offer clear insight into the various aspects of international business expansion, from matching you to the right businesses to facilitating negotiations and streamlining international logistics. Our goal is to make international expansion and logistics more efficient and enjoyable.

At A Knots, we search and identify companies interested in expanding internationally, both in Japan and worldwide. We help you connect with these companies effortlessly and convey a detailed understanding of the export and import processes. Our service is designed to simplify global business operations and enhance your overall experience.


Thank you for sending us your inquiry email.

Thank you for sending us an email with your inquiry

Our Clients

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
All Japan Rice and Rice-Related Food Export Promotion Council
Japan Fruits and Vegetables Export Promotion Council
Specified non-profit corporation Association for Creating a Healthy Japan
INSOU Holdings Co., Ltd.
DHL Japan Co., Ltd.
SGH Global Japan Co., Ltd.
SI Partners Co., Ltd.
Ogata Village Akitakomachi Producers Association
Kinro Shoku Co., Ltd.
Compass Point Co., Ltd.
Mitsuhashi Co., Ltd.
Yusen Logistics Co., Ltd.
... and many others


"I began my career in international logistics with a major global shipping company, working as a sales representative. During my time there, I gained hands-on experience in various aspects of international logistics, including exports, imports, and dealings with companies from diverse fields around the world.

After retiring from the corporate world, I ventured into the trade of food and cosmetic ingredients. My focus expanded to include supporting Japanese companies in their overseas expansion efforts, assisting foreign companies entering the Japanese market, navigating trade regulations and regulations, and providing comprehensive support for international logistics.

Some of the projects I've been involved in include:

- Assisting a US automaker with battery materials exports.
- Facilitating exports for Japanese electronics manufacturers participating in European exhibitions.
- Supporting the export of heavy-duty crane vehicles to the UK.
- Procuring solar panels for Japanese electronics manufacturers based in Hungary.
- Negotiating exclusive distribution rights for snack products not yet imported to Japan and supporting their market entry.

In December 2021, I founded A Knots Inc."

We provide a cutting-edge online exhibition platform, designed to help you discover opportunities for international expansion.

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