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Unlocking opportunities for international expansion is now within everyone's reach, thanks to our cutting-edge online expo.

"You Cross, We Knot."

No Admission Fee

Join and leave anytime you want​

Anybody is welcome to join!

Participation from smartphones and tablets is also possible!​

Held on the 4th Monday of every month

(Anticipated Increase in Exhibition Days)​

What makes our Expo worth it

■ Join from anywhere in the world using your PC or smartphone
■ Have group video chats with ease
■ Simply click the link to join
■ Quickly hop between different exhibitors (breakout rooms)

Expo Entry Link


Important Reminders for Joining

★ Before You Join

- Make sure to use the latest version of Google Chrome.
- We encourage participants to have their cameras on for better interactions.
- Please be prepared for possible interruptions in the stream due to unforeseen circumstances.

★ How to Join

1) Click the link below and enter:

   Password: 350679

2) We've integrated a user-friendly AI translation system.

   You'll receive instructions on how to use it once you're in.
3) Feel free to explore and join any of the exhibition booths you're interested in.​

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Exhibitors Wanted!

Introducing the Next-Gen Online Expo for International Expansion!

Take your first step into the global market with Japan Online Expo, where overseas opportunities come to you.

12 exhibition opportunities with a 1-year contract.

Held on the fourth Monday of every month.

Participating in our online expo provides you with more opportunities compared to traditional trade shows, significantly increasing your chance to showcase your products and gain exposure for your brand!

Low-Cost, Low-Risk, and Ideal for Market Research.

Overseas expansion often requires significant costs. JAPAN ONLINE EXPO offers the advantage of seizing opportunities for international expansion at a low cost and with low risk!

Comprehensive Support Guaranteed.

Rest assured, during our online expo, we'll provide dedicated support for interpretation and negotiations between exhibitors and international buyers. Even if you don't speak English, we've got you covered!


We hold weekly meetings for exhibitors to come together. These sessions provide practical education with real-life examples to help you learn and grow.



Upcoming Event

May 22 (Mon)

6pm - 9pm (JST)
5pm - 8pm (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia)
4pm - 6pm (Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia)
9am - 12pm (UTC)

11am - 2pm (CET)
12pm - 3pm (EET)

Admission: Free

Anyone is welcome!
Participation from smartphones and tablets is also possible!

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Voice of the organizer

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Voice of the organizer

Exhibitor/Guest Feedback​

Sweet Potatoes


Abundantly sweet and dripping with honey, our premium sweet potatoes are transformed into roasted yams that taste just like sweet potato pie. We're here to share the rich culture of Japanese sweet potato roasting with the world. Plus, they're freezer-friendly, so you can even savor them as 'iced roasted yams.

For those seeking a delightful, chewy texture, we also offer our original brand of 'warabimochi.​

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Digestive Biscuits


For those who say, 'I've become ill due to obesity and want to lose weight, but it's not happening,' or 'I want a new source of stable income!'

To those with such aspirations!

A highly acclaimed diet method by doctors, with proven results even abroad.

Our company provides full support, so there's no need for specialized knowledge or qualifications. This is a business where everyone can become healthy, lose weight, and be happy.​

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Tune Relax and therapy

We specialize in a school program designed for rapid mastery of beauty treatments and chiropractic techniques. Our expertise extends to assisting entrepreneurs in launching esthetic salons and expanding their ventures. With a remarkable track record of over 300 contracts secured within just 5 years in Japan, we're now bringing the forefront of technology-driven beauty treatments, top-tier chiropractic services, and the culture of 'hospitality' from Japan to the global stage.​

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Kimono Restoration


Discover the beauty of traditional Japanese craftsmanship woven into every kimono and obi. These pieces are often considered 'wearable art.' Now, we're bringing this artistry to life in your everyday world.

Introducing our Kimono and Obi Remake Store, where we transform these cultural treasures into practical and stunning items. Our collection includes bags, pouches, tapestries, wall art, and curtains. Each piece is a testament to the splendor and time-honored techniques of Japanese culture, ready to adorn your life with elegance.

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Calligraphy Design

Bottle Engraving

Embroidered Towels

i am ART​

1. Company Store's Logo and Business Cards, Flyers and Posters, Product Labeling and Packaging, Restaurant Menu Boards
2. Interior Design for Stores
3. Glass Design Engraving
4. Embroidered Towels for Luxury Stores
5. NFT (Non-Fungible Token)​

    Investment Real Estate

    Jyunex Corporation​

    We specialize in investment properties, particularly single-unit apartments and buildings, with a focus on the heart of Japan, Tokyo.

    While real estate encompasses a wide range of activities, our expertise, honed over 15 years in property leasing, management, and sales, allows us to provide comprehensive support for your real estate investments.

    Furthermore, we are deeply committed to the renovation business, dedicated to enhancing our clients' quality of life through the creation of improved living spaces.​

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    Land of Mystery



    Explore the Wonders of Nepal!

    A land of diverse cultures, Nepal boasts a rich tapestry of culinary traditions waiting to be discovered. There's so much to explore!

    Let us introduce you to the traditional flavors of Nepal – the 'Tea Country' that's also home to delightful Himalayan specialty coffee. 

    We're here to share the charm of this mystical land, Nepal, which is still a hidden gem waiting to be uncovered!​

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    Moisturizing Capability
    Alcohol Gel

    MatoU is a body care brand envisioned by nail technicians. With the increasing concern about dryness and roughness due to frequent hand care, we aim to provide beautiful nails even to those who suffer from these issues.

    MatoU was born out of the desire to allow our customers to enjoy nail care with beautiful hands. Our products are developed through direct feedback from many female customers and have received high praise.​

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    For Home/Salon Use
    Hair Removal Device
    G-BROS Corporation​

    1. Home Hair Removal Device

    Achieve Peace of Mind, Safety, and High Power.
    Equipped with a "Skin Contact Sensor" that requires proper skin contact for irradiation and a "Skin Color Sensor" that prevents irradiation if the skin color exceeds a certain darkness.

    2. Salon Hair Removal Device

    This device combines all the above functions in one unit. Made entirely in Japan.​

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    Indigo-Dyed Products (Aizome)

    Foreigners visiting Japan for the first time were deeply moved by the sight of people wearing indigo-dyed kimonos, a sight they had never seen before. They admired it as 'Japan Blue.'

    The indigo dyeing at 'Sarasaya' involves numerous cycles of washing, color removal, and starch removal, making it soft and comfortable to wear on the skin before sewing.

    It is our sincere hope that 'Sarasaya' indigo-dyed products find a special place in the hearts of our customers, bring them joy when used, and contribute to their well-being and happiness.​

      Operational Management
      Insight Eyes​

      We offer specialized operational management and consulting services tailored for Amazon.

      Our team, with over 5 years of experience in Amazon operations, is here to assist in boosting your company's sales. We provide comprehensive support for Amazon sales promotions, including market research within Amazon, development of marketing strategies, product page creation, advertising management, and SEO optimization.​

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      Body Care, Starting with Sleep
      ​Toyo Healthcare Online Shop​

      Drawing upon years of chiropractic expertise, we have developed and are now selling pillows that allow you to address neck, shoulder tension, and posture improvement simply by sleeping. Our bedding products have received recognition in various media outlets. Beyond our chiropractic clinics in Tokyo and Chiba, we also provide support for the health and well-being of many individuals through online channels!​

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      Flocky Processing


      We are delighted to introduce a collection of flocky processing, all crafted domestically. Witness the unique artistry of pattern collaborations and the world of 3D flocking – techniques that can only be fully expressed within Japan. We invite you to discover the subtleties of our exclusive Japanese craftsmanship, and we hope you can feel the dedication and passion of our artisans in their commitment to craftsmanship.​

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      Organic Cosmetics


      Crafted by HARU, a makeup artist with 30 years of experience, our organic cosmetics are truly special.

      They feature neroli extracted from the blossoms of sweet summer oranges in Kumamoto Prefecture, distilled water created using copper distillation apparatus, and an all-natural, 100% organic serum.

      Despite their simplicity, these products have molecules that can be absorbed by the skin at a molecular level, resulting in intensely moisturized and youthful skin with just serum and toner!​

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      Embroidery Products
      Kyo Bebeya, Miyakawa Corp.​

      Established in 1897, we have been producing embroidered products in Kyoto.

      We specialize in in-house products as well as offering OEM services for kimono, obi, embroidered stickers, uniforms, and bag embroidery.

      Our strength lies in the extensive embroidery expertise and traditional patterns that we have cultivated over many years in the kimono industry.​

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      Hydrogen-Rich Supplement
      Wan-Nyan Lymph Care Association​

      Boosting Your Holistic Health with the Synergy of Hydrogen and Traditional Chinese Medicine!

      Harnessing the power of hydrogen to rejuvenate oxidized cells and utilizing seven varieties of traditional Chinese medicine to comprehensively balance the body as a whole.

      Experience the exclusive collaboration of hydrogen and these seven Chinese herbal supplements—only available here!​

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      Swallow's Nest Cosmetics

      We have conducted extensive research to address aging signs such as wrinkles, sagging, and dullness. Our formulations contain high concentrations of effective anti-aging ingredients, including swallow's nest extract.

      ✔️ Our products are formulated without additives for your peace of mind. We do not use synthetic fragrances, colorants, mineral oils, designated old ingredients, petroleum-based surfactants, alcohol (ethanol), parabens, or any other additives.​

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      Kurume Kasuri Baby Monpe
      TAKUMI Collection​

      Introducing 'Monpeppe®' Baby Pants Made from 'Kurume Kasuri,' a Fabric That Lasts Approximately 2 Years Per Pair!

      'Kurume Kasuri,' a cotton textile beloved by the Japanese since the late Edo period. 'Monpeppe®,' gently wrapping delicate and sensitive baby skin, adapts to your child's growth and serves them well for up to 2 years.​

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      New Sensation Sweets

      Experience a New World of Sweets with 'Warachururi'!

      Our 'Warachururi' is not just a treat for the taste buds; it's a visual delight as well. Served in a convenient bottle, it's the perfect choice for those on the go!

      Inside, you'll discover the delightful surprise of 'Warabi Mochi,' creating a delightful parfait-like experience that has been earning rave reviews from our customers. It's as cute as it is delicious, and it's ready for you to take home!​

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      Hot Spring Water combined with Beauty Moisturizing Serum



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      Project Management Enhancement Tool
      TeleOne Plus
      Guts Soul Company​

      Unlock the Power of Efficient Telework with Our Package of Tools!

      With 18 years of teleworking experience, we've distilled our knowledge into a telework packaging toolkit that answers the crucial question: 'What do you need, and what can you do without?' 

      As a web design company with a strong focus on design, we've created a simple and user-friendly UI that caters to a wide range of industries, including IT, manufacturing, web advertising, and publishing. 

      Whether your business requires complex project management or you're simply looking to streamline your telework or go paperless, our toolkit is an ideal choice, offering a low-cost entry point for companies of all sizes and industries.​

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      Exhibitor List

      YOU as an exhibitor

      What to expect:​

      Expand your global reach with Japan Online Expo even in challenging times!​

      Our Partners

      To facilitate international expansion and expand global connections, JAPAN ONLINE EXPO collaborates with various expert firms.​

      DHL Japan

      We provide end-to-end transportation services, handling everything from pick-up to delivery. Our international express service reaches over 220 countries and regions worldwide. We cater to a wide range of shipments, from business documents to cargo.​


      We offer comprehensive consulting services for international expansion, cross-border business, and global reach, spanning Europe, the Middle East, and worldwide, with a strong focus on Italy.​

      ​Alis -AI Secretaries-

      Introducing "Alis AI Secretary," our cutting-edge conference system breaking down language barriers. With high-precision speech recognition and lightning-fast subtitle translation in just 1.5 seconds, offering subtitles in 30 languages simultaneously.​

      SYN TRADING Co.,Ltd.

      SYN Trading Co., Ltd. is a company that facilitates logistics arrangements and handles import/export procedures. We can accommodate various types of goods, including food, chemicals, and general merchandise, from various locations in Japan to destinations worldwide. If you have any questions or uncertainties related to import/export or domestic transportation, please don't hesitate to reach out to us for assistance.​

      ​Exhibitor Categories​















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